The Purse:

Each Indigo fashion bag contains a Miniature Painting by Pittsburgh artist Harish Saluja.

The purse consists of a metal-plated exterior designed with a clear window to showcase the abstract artwork. The interior is vegan leather. The paintings are 3x5 inches and the bag size is 12 x 5 inches. 

Since each miniature is a complete painting, it makes every bag unique, distinct from all others and non-reproducible.

Net profits from the sales are donated to non-profit organizations.

About The Artist:

Harish Saluja was born in India and has lived and painted in the US since 1971. His work is unconstrained by mediums, cultural boundaries or ideologies. Harish combines his experiences of the East and West through Film, Painting, Music, and Literature. His abstract-expressionistic paintings explore vivid colors and intricate patterns. Many of his work, both of the larger scale and his miniature versions, are based on visual interpretations of music (Ragas and jazz).

Harish also owns the film company New Ray Films www.newray.com. His film The Journey won several awards, was shown worldwide and distributed by IFC (Independent Film Channel). 

Watch this entertaining TEDx talk to learn more!